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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Big bazaar of Play group students

It is November 11, 2012 Sunday. There is an event of 'Big Bazaar' where students of play group of 'Our School' are sellers. You must be wondering what is this 'Big Bazaar' all about. Basically through this event was celebrated to encourage children's lovely and hard work.
Who is the buyer?
Parents of the play group were buyers at this bazaar. Parents were invited to see the creative work done by their kids.

Process of preparing art work
What is being sold at this bazaar?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Maths Display boards for Nursery

We have two terms during an academic year and during these two terms, we organize four parents teacher meetings. Parents teachers meeting is an opportunity for parents and teachers to discuss the progress of a child.
Our classroom display boards are also edited regularly, showing our teaching progress and students work. This post is about Maths display board which was displayed last term (end of session). At reception stage, by the end of an academic year, our students finish learning basic concept of counting, recognition, addition, subtraction etc. Following picture is taken from our Nursery class.  This board was displayed at the end of last year.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Effective behavior management in classrooms

We start our new school year getting a personal profile of each student entering in our classroom. On the basis of that personal profile we set up a strategy guide which helps us to treat new students. Few students having behavior problems are always a challenge for educators. We try our best to adopt the effective behavior management strategies in classrooms to acquire best learning environment.
Recently I found some effective behavior management strategies which I am quoting here. I am including lease effective behavior management strategies as well because personally I found that we need to know the difference between effective or ineffective strategies for better classroom management.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Classroom management tips

There are number of classroom tips or strategies which teachers use to create best learning environment around their classroom. Dealing with children having behavior problem is a challenge for each teacher. Creating and establishing some classroom rules is an effective way of classroom management. These rules can be established from the start of new year. Teachers can print these rules and hang around the classroom as a reminder.
These classroom management tips and strategies are adopted by experienced teachers.
Effective Classroom management tips:
  1. Before you begin teaching/talking always "scan" the classroom and make sure "all eyes on me".  Eye contact is the most powerful method of non verbal communication between people. Be sure to establish eye contact with your students to gain their trust and make positive impressions. Avoiding eye contact implies low self-confidence and looking down suggests embarrassment. Direct and frequent eye contact with another person – or members of an entire classroom – exhibits confidence and interest.
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